With its German roots, and rapid growth at the end of the 19 th century, the town of New Brunfels offers a diverse mix of building styles. Some of the structures today evoke the feeling of being in Bavaria with their storybook German designs, while much of the town still has that hardly pioneer look that is present in the various ranch homes and other buildings. Of course the influences of the Victorian era, when the town expanded greatly, are still present in the numerous Greek and Roman revival buildings.

The historic district of Gruene is especially worth seeing for those who want to sample the architecture, as it is almost like a trip back in time. You can even stay at the Gruene Mansion Inn Bed & Breakfast , a Victorian mansion that certainly captures the style of a Southern Plantation House… done Texas style of course!

For more of the historic buildings take a stroll down the nearby Main Plaza, which was first built in 1845. The plaza was improved throughout the later 19 th century, when the marvelous fountain was added in 1895, and then just after the turn of the century saw the addition of the traditional town center band stand. Across from the plaza is the Comal County Courthouse, designed in the Roman revival style, with its tall almost imposing bell tower.