Santa Ponsa is a resort town in southwestern Mallorca, part of the string of resort islands off the eastern coast of Spain, about twenty minutes west of Palma. As such it is known for its beaches and its nightlife. The sun shines year round, and May through October hardly sees any days that aren't clear and sunny. July and August can be very humid and sticky, and in winter it cools off at night such that you will need a sweater.

    If you fly into Palma de Mallorca airport, you can take a public bus to the centre of Palma, and then a bus to Santa Ponsa. This will take a couple of hours, but only costs 4.50€. Otherwise, you can pay 40 euros for a taxi, unless you rent a car. Buses number 102 and 104 go to Santa Ponsa from the centre of Palma.

    Santa Ponsa is where King Jaime disembarked in 1229 to take the island from the Moors. A cross at the entrance to the marina marks the locale. Every September there is a festival to commemorate the occasion, during which mock battles between Christians and Moors take place on the beach. Although the town has a place in Mallorca's heritage, it did not become the resort town it is today until the 1960s, when major tourist developments began to go up in the area.