Capilla del Oidor

The Capilla del Oidor is located at the Plaza de Cervantes. Don Pedro Diaz de Toledo was the advisor of King Juan II of Castile and was a high court judge (called an oidor) and he founded this chapel in the 15th century to hold his family’s tombs. It used to be part of the parish of Santa Maria la Mayor and is decorated in the Mudejar manner. The coffered ceiling is also Mudejar. The building is used as an exhibition hall today. There is a permanent exhibition called the Universes of Cervantes. There is the baptismal font used to baptize Cervantes and a reproduction of his birth certificate, dated Oct. 9, 1574. The exhibition hall is situated in the old Chapel of Cristo de la Luz, which had one nave and with a vault with lunettes and a cupola. This was restored in 1982. The old church was destroyed during the Civil War.