Most people come to Laredo by car to shop and to go across the border to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. From San Antonio, it is a direct trip 153 miles south on highway I-35.  Corpus Christi and Houston are accessible by highway 59, and the Rio Grande Valley by highway 83 or 359.  The roads are smooth and easily traveled. Keep up with the cars around you, approximately 65 to 75 mph, and you should be ok.

The Laredo International Airport serves the Laredo area with regular flights on American Eagle (Dallas-Ft. Worth), Continental Express (Houston-Intercontinental), and Allegiant Air (Las Vegas).  American provides four (soon to be five) flights daily on 45-50 seat regional jets and Continental serves Laredo with four daily flights on 35 or 50 seat jets.  Allegiant Air provides 2 (soon to be 3) weekly flights on Boeing Douglass narrowbody jets.  Flights are priced competitively, provide easy connections, and are more convenient than driving to/from another airport. 

     The Long Road south            


Laredo to Mexico


Stop at the gas station / McDonalds in Cotulla for some coffee. While there check out the amazing variety of taxidermy you have seen. From a bobcat standing on her hind legs reaching for her prey at the cash redister, to the javelina head inside the door you will see beautiful stuffed animals. None of these were killed for this craft, but are recovered from the roads or surrounding desert.




Several bus companies in both Mexico and the United States offer trips to Laredo.

On the return trip north on I-35, a stop at the Texas Tourist information bureau is a real treat. there are picnic tables, founbtains, clean restrooms, and a small very nice park to stretch your legs. The people staffing this location are alwasys friendly and have a lot of information to pass along about sights to see in Texas.

Currently, due to heavy violence in the Mexican sisiter city of Nueva Laredo, it is unwise for Americans to cross the border here. Don't despair, shopping is almost as good on the Texas side. If you do want to venture over the boder, take your US id, a drivers license will do, and walk across the international bridge There is a toll to cross the bridge 50 cents to enter Mexico and 30 cents to return.