Laredo, Texas is located on the border with Mexico in a dry desert region.  For most of the year, nearly all of it in fact, Laredo's weather is quite warm, temperatures in the summer months climb into the 100's.  During the winter Laredo's temperatures can drop as low as the 40's, but hardly ever drop below freezing. 

Rainfall in Laredo is heaviest in the spring and fall, during the months of May and June and September and October, but even then precipitation averages only about three inches per month.

Visitors come to Laredo during all months of the year, in large part because of its border location. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans alike have family connections on both sides of the border and travel frequently between Laredo in Texas and Nuevo Laredo in Mexico.  Additionally, many Americans also pass through Laredo on their way to Mexico to shop.

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