Laredo is the 19th safest city in America. Located on the border with Mexico, Laredo has lately been identified as one of the safest cities in the country, by FBI reports, as mentioned in articles like the one from the Business Insider.

U.S. media coverage about drug cartel activity in Mexico has resulted in misinformation for potential travelers to very safe locations within Texas.  South Texas cities that share a similar name to certain Mexican destinations or that are within driving distance of Mexico have been particularly impacted by this media coverage.  For example, recent news reports on these activities have resulted in certain consumers thinking that what is occurring in Mexico is also occurring in Texas. . . Laredo, Texas, that is.

Such conclusions are completely incorrect and it is vital that people share accurate information about how safe and welcoming Laredo, Texas has been and continues to be for travelers.

If you are planning to cross to Mexico however it is important to know and remember the rules and regulations for crossing the border. Undeclared or illegal items brought into either country can get you a steep fine.  Click here  for a helpful listing of U.S./Mexico border-crossing rules and guidelines.