Located in the Dallas-area of Texas, Irving enjoys mild winters (November, December, January, February) with average temperatures in the 60's, warm springs that arrive early, and long, hot summers which continue into the fall months.  The average temperature during the summer months in Irving is in the high 90's and several days each year (10 to 40) with temperatures over 100.  These high temperatures would generally occur in July. 

The area sees a great deal of tourism during all months of the year, partly because of its proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth--major Texas business and tourist centers--and the overflow travel it receives from those cities.  Irving is also close to several major sports arenas and convention centers.   Its somewhat lower hotel prices than the larger cities make it an attractive place for visitors to those venues to stay.

Thunderstorms with heavy rain can occur in Spring and Fall.  However, flooding is generally not an issue in Irving.

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