The city of Irving was founded in the early 20th Century by two railroad employees, J.O. Shulze and Otis Brown, when they purchased 80 areas of land just 11 miles northwest of downtown Dallas.  They had originally intended to divide the land into lots and put it up for sale, but things did not work out as planned when the partners' business relationship began to fall apart due to a lack of trust resulting from bad business deals and poor engineering decisions. 

It is thought that they named the town after the famous American writer, George Washington Irving, writer of Sleepy Hollow, because his work was a favorite of Brown's wife, Netta

The town was officially incorporated in 1914, with Brown serving as mayor.  Its population was sparse until the 1930's when overflow from the Dallas area provided growth.  Eventually the city would become a center for manufacturing and finance.

Today Irving is a bustling city of 203,000 people.  Irving is the home to several fortune 500 companies, the University of Dallas (a private university founded by Catholics), North Lake College and  the Dallas Cowboys corporate office. 

The historic area of Irving is near the original railroad laid out by the founders. The South Irving Transit (train) station is located in downtown Irving. The downtown area has a drugstore with a cafe, several antique shops, several service businesses and  fast food restaurants.   A new bed and breakfast, the Jefferson Street Bed and Breakfast (  is located within 500 metres of the transit station. 

Visitors can ride the Trinity Rail Express ( ) now situated on  the original railroad right-of-way.  The TRE connects downtown Dallas to downtown Fort Worth with points in between including the DFW airport and the South Irving Transit station.

Beginning in 2009, the area around the South Irving Train Station is under redevelopment with several multimillion dollar buildings under construction.  The buildings will include condominiums, restaurants, retail, single-family homes and apartments.  The area is known as Heritage Crossing and will be redeveloped in conjunction with Heritage District and Delbert McDougal of Lubbock, Texas.