The Tour 18 in Houston/Humble TX is a very enjoyable course. If you are in Houston and have 6 hours to spend, do not hesitate to go play it. There is a mystique of having the most difficult holes on Tour but because the fairways are open and the condition of the course great, all you really need to do is place every shot, don't hit driver all the time, and make sure someone in your group has a Sky Caddie and hit to those distances.

In the afternoon around 3 pm the green fees are more reasonable, but that means the course will be busy, so your round will take about 5 and a half hours. There is no GPS on the cart. Even though the course itself is short , there is no walking because there are several long long cart drives between holes.     

Bring your own brush, towel, and water source to clean your clubs on the course.

Make sure you reserve a spot for ALL players in your group because you can't add on players to your slot and you will need a credit card to make a reservation.

This facility has no ATMs, so get your cash for the beverage cart before going to the course.