Nice trail for added resistance of running on sand and fine gravel (sort of midway between pavement and beach) but gets REALLY crowded at popular times (sunday evenings, Fridays evenings, Sat mid morning anytime there's nice weather).  Most joggers will smile or say hello on Sundays but it can get irritating especially when people who aren't serious about running or getting some sort of good cardio turn up on crowded days (sometimes talking on cell phone while strolling along and blocking traffic).  Watch out for abundance of pet poop.  Mostly young families with children in strollers, kids from the med schools across the streets and many who drive there.  You can always tell by attire who is/isn't new to running the trail.  All in all great for getting in 3 miles in one lap, well shaded for houston's summer heat so anytime is a good time to run.  And the view is not as pretty as Allen parkway but it's not too bad either.  Lots of construction around Rice, though.