Houston is known for its miles of asphalt.  But did you know that each highway has an alias? Here is a quick rundown. 



  • I-45 northbound from Downtown to Dallas is "Also Known As" "the North Freeway"
  • I-10 West from DT is "A.K.A." "The Katy freeway"
  • SH-59 going southwest from DT is "A.K.A." "The Southwest freeway" or the "Southworst freeway" depending on who you ask.
  • SH-59 going northeast from DT is "A.K.A" The EastTex freeway"
  • I-10 East from DT is A.K.A. “The East Freeway"
  • 225 east is "the Beaumont Highway"
  • 288 south from DT is "The Nolan Ryan Expressway"
  • 249 north is the "Tomball Parkway"

And last but not least, the beloved "loops"....

  • 610 ....it’s a circle.  It goes around and around, but each quadrant has a name ex: 610 North, 610 South, etc...
  • Beltway 8 is A.K.A. the Sam Houston Tollway, "the Belt", "the Beltway”, or "The Tollway"
  • *Coming soon*  Highway 99.  There are already names picked out "The NAFTA highway" or "The Grand Parkway."