Space Center Houston is a nonprofit education foundation and the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space center. It sits right outside of the NASA facility in the Clear Lake area of Houston,Texas. 

If you are interested in science or space, then this place is amazing and very informative. There are many things to see (activities to do) and depending on your interest, it can take anywhere from 3 hours to a whole day.

For those traveling on a budget, the Rocket Park at Johnson Space Center can be visited for FREE as it is a public park. Simply go to the main NASA gate off of Saturn Lane and tell the guard you want to visit rocket park. To see more of NASA Johnson Space Center and other exhibits and attractions, you'll need to go to Space Center Houston.

Space Center Houston Admission:

  • Parking - $6
  • Adult Entrance Fee - $24.95
  • Child Entrance Fee - $19.95
  • Senior Entrance Fee - $22.95

Things To Do
All the following things are included in the entrance ticket.

Many of the activities below have schedules, which you can find in the Map and Guide at the Information Desk.

  • Starship Gallery - Exhibits of American space program with the Lunar Vault containing moon rocks, including a moon rock you can touch.
  • Independence Plaza - Go inside the massive and historic shuttle carrier aircraft NASA905 as well as the high-fidelity shuttle replica Independence and get a rare glimpse inside the shuttle program.
  • Blast-Off! Theater - Experience a short film demonstration a shuttle launch followed by a live mission briefing
  • NASA Tram Tour - One of the most popular activities at the space center
    • Two different tours each approx. 90 minutes long.
    • Red Tour - Saturn V Rocket & park + Astronaut training facility.
    • Blue Tour - Saturn V Rocket & park + Mission Control facility. 
    • Both the tours drop you off at the rocket park at the end. You can spend your own time and then catch a different tram back to the space center.
    • You may even be able to see people working in the mission control facility.
  • International Space Station Gallery - Explore artifacts and items from the floating laboratory known as the International Space Station.
  • Astronaut Gallery -  See the world's most comprhensive collection of space suits.
  • Space Center Theater - See the flim Journey to Space on one of the largest giant-screen 4K theaters in Texas. Approx. 41 minutes.
  • Living In Space - Indoor, open-air theater with live presentation about living in space/space station etc. - Approx. 25 minutes

Apart from the activities above, there is a model of a shuttle flight deck, flight simulators, general space program exhibits, kids play area and a big food court.

All the activities above have different schedules and if you want to do most of the above things then be prepared to spend at least 5-6 hours or a whole day in the center. For example, if you decide to do one NASA Tram Tour, Starship Gallery & Blast-Off! Theater, it will easily take you 3-4 hours due to the varying schedules.

Personal Do-Not-Miss Recommendation

  • See Starship Gallery for the largest collection of moon rocks outside of NASA Johnson Space Center.
  • Tram Tour for mission control or astronaut training facility.
  • Note: If you are going for a quick trip then avoid the audio tour. If you stop & listen to audio commentary for each display/location then it will take you hours (if not the whole day) to complete.  



If you trip to Houston is purely to see NASA, then find accommodation in Webster, Clear Lake or Kemah. These 3 towns are few miles from Space Center Houston and between them they have tons of hotels, restaurants & shopping.