Fort Worth’s Trinity Railway Express is one of the city’s major public transportation lines, often used by residents to commute to and from nearby Dallas. The two terminus stations of the line are at Union Station in Dallas and the T&P Station in downtown Fort Worth. Tickets for the light rail can be used as transfers for the buses in either Dallas (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) or Fort Worth (Fort Worth Transportation Authority).

TRE  ( operates 6 days a week. Travel time for the full route is about 70 minutes. The system is divided into two zones - travel from one zone to the other is a higher priced ticket. Passes for one or both zones for the day or longer are available, and some include free travel on the Ft. Worth or Dallas transit systems. Tickets are sold at vending machines. The Centrepoint station has a bus shuttle to Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport.

Photo by David Kozlowski,
Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center

The bus system in Fort Worth, commonly known as the T, ( operates from 5am to midnight Mondays through Saturdays and 6am to 10pm on Sundays (with far less service on Sundays), with no service on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day. You can get either a one-ride ticket or a day transit pass (with reduced fare for seniors, children and high school students), which covers travel between Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the buses and trolleys in both cities.

Photo by David Kozlowski,
Fort Worth Rail Market

Some of the more interesting features of the system are express bus lines run frequently between downtown Fort Worth and the Trinity Railway Express station at the Intermodal Transportation Center (9th and Jones Street) and trolley systems that service the historic Stockyards district of the city.   Also, the T is free for travel within the downtown district (Downtown Free Zone).