Here's the good thing about Dewberry Farm - no lines.  Here's the bad thing about Dewberry Farm - no lines.  It is a neat place to visit, but there are no lines, so you are left to fight your way onto most of the attractions.  The other thing is the cost of the extra items (not included in the $10 ticket) $5-7 for mining, $5 to pick a cup of half dead wildflowers, $3 for pedal carts and $3 to jump on inflatables.  The food prices are pretty reasonable, and it's your generic theme park quality.  Employees can be hard to find, and their main job is cleaning the facility.  Plan on spending about 4 hours to cover the entire park, and allow extra time to wait in line to pay for admission, and there can be a LOOOOONG, slow line to pay your pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  With admission, food and one bag of mining sand, it costs about $75.50 for a family of five.