Pigeon Forge is a bit of a conundrum in that while it has a crime rate three times higher per capita than the national average of cities; it is rare for these crimes to involve the tourist populace. It would seem that while there’s a great deal of crime for a city of its size it appears that the vast majority is only involving the locals. Since this is such a small city with such a large amount of tourists coming and going all year round, the normal recommendations of not looking around too much, not carrying your map or brochures out in the open, or asking for directions are not to be concerned with as the majority of the town knows each other and assumes that almost everyone else is a tourist. Tourism is this town’s bread and butter, the reason that it’s on the map for all intents and purposes, and the town’s people rely on it for their own well being. The old saying about biting the hand that feeds is aptly presented here and tourists should not be concerned for their safety more than they are at home. Standard precautions should be taken of course, such as not carrying all of your money on your person, and removing all articles from rental cars into hotels rooms for the night.