ZORB Smoky Mountains is one of the newest adventure activities in Pigeon Forge, all the way from New Zealand, and it is the only ZORB site in the entire USA!

You, the ZORBonaut (as they are called!), are placed inside a giant, inflatable, 12ft globe and are sent rolling down a specially designed hill. The ZORB globes are essentially a globe inside a globe. You are placed inside the inner globe and rolled down the hill whilst cushioned on a 3ft pocket of air.

You will be sure to be entertained whether you are riding or just watching others. You can choose to get wet or stay dry with a number of ride options. The ZYDRO ride is the wet ride (take a change of clothes!). You superman dive into the giant ZORB globe and a few gallons of water (warm in winter, cold in summer) are poured inside with you. Once you are sent on your way, you slip, slide, and spin your way to the bottom (you do not tumble head over heels!). There are a few track options to choose from - straight (with up to 2 other friends); Zig-zag; and Zipper.
The ZORBIT ride is the dry ride where you are harnessed in a specially designed safety harness within the inner globe and are sent tumbling head-over-heels down the slope. This ride is a little more extreme as you tumble with the weightlessness and g-force on your way down.

 As with most adventure attractions, you can purchase your own personalised photo's of your experience along with other merchandise. This is a great experience for all ages (although age restrictions do apply) and is great to watch even if you are not riding.