Nashville is a great southern cultural destination with strong African American influences reflected in its famed blues scene.  Visitors will also find plenty of venues playing other kinds of music, such as jazz, rock and country.  Country music and the blues are what made this city famous, followed closely by the delicious southern barbecue that can be found in innumberable locations throughout the city. 
     Despite the close association with country music, Nashville is also home to a symphony and an opera, and a number of theaters with live performers of all types, from an Elvis tribute to a children's theater and many more.
     Along with one of the most vibrant music scenes in America, Nashville is also home to a busy arts scene, with many art museums and galleries. Most notable are the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, which opened in 2001, and Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Art Museum.  Vanderbilt University has a well known fine arts gallery as well as the Scarratt Gallery.  Art is also on display in the city's Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the famed ancient Greek landmark.  There is also the Cultural Museum at the Scarritt-Bennett Center, and the incredible collections at Fisk University, which houses the Alfred Stieglitz collection, which includes some famous Georgia O'Keefe works, the fabulous African American art collected by Fisk's David Driskell, and rotating exhibits of contemporary artists.  Not to be missed are the numerous art galleries around town, which showcase the work of young, upcoming artists and established local and regional artists.