NashTrash Tours has been in operation since 1997. This tour is essentially a comedy show performed by the two sisters.

They have an old school bus painted hot pink, and it carries 32 passengers on the 90-minute tour. This definitely isn't a tour for children -- drinks are allowed in small coolers, and the subject content is flat-out raunchy.

Tour hostesses/owners Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay are actually sisters. Each has a musical theater background with many years of improv comedy experience, and that talent is put to use on the NashTrash Tour. The tour has a basic outline, but every tour is different because every audience is different.

Seats can be reserved up to three months in advance and Saturdays fill up very quickly. Reservations are now booked online, which is more secure and makes contacting them easier and more convenient.

NashTrash has a separate tour called Music Row Confidential, which is hosted by music industry veteran Steve Pippin (Pip) and not the Jugg sisters. The MRC tour focuses more on the music business in Nashville. There's lots of music, and it's also loads of fun. The website has details about both tours, including FAQs and booking.