Glenfarg is probably best described as a sleepy, traditional Scottish village nestling in the Ochil Hills south of Perth, en route to Edinburgh. In fact the location of the village was a major route through Scotland going back to Roman times. In the 'Annals of Arngask', Mackie, Rev J, 1858, (copy available in the reference section of Perth's A K Bell Library) there are pretty full accounts of Roman activity in the area. Close by there is also an old (now almost invisble) roadway still called the 'Wallace Road' - a reference to the roadway used by William Wallace on his travels around Scotland in the late 13th Century.

Up until 1890 the village was called Damhead. The village lies at the top (South) end of the glen (valley) of the same name. The road through the glen is the route North, to Perth and then onto Dundee and Aberdeen in the East and Inverness and the majestic Highlands and Islands of the North and West of Scotland.

There used to be railway running through the village, but that disappeared in the wholesale cutback of the rail system carried out by the UK Government in the 1960s. The route of the railway is now occupied by the M90 motoway that runs from Edinburgh to Perth.

There is a public bus service that runs through the village, but it is pretty infrequent. To get around you really need to have a car. There are rail stations reasonably close by. Perth is major rail hub for the rest of Scotland. Inverkeithing (20 minutes) has regular train services into Edinburgh (with connections to major centres in England). Incidentally, if you are going into Edinburgh, traffic congestion means that taking a train, or using the Park and Ride bus service that's available just north of the Forth Road Bridge, are really good options. Perth is 20 minutes North, Edinburgh - 40 minutes South (if traffic on the Forth Bridge is okay!). Glasgow can be reached in about 1 hour, Dundee in 35 minutes. So Glenfarg is really central. And, of course, Glenfarg is only about 45 minutes from St Andrews and the home of golf. It's an ideal base for people visiting St Andrews when the Open Golf Championship is played there.

One of Glenfarg's advantages is that it has no direct access onto the M90 motorway. To get onto the motorway you have to drive 6 miles north, to Junction 9, or 5 miles south, to Juntion 8. This has avoided the village being targeted by housing developers wanting to build satellite communities for Perth or Edinburgh. This is fate that has befallen many other small communities in the area.