When in Inishbofin, try exploring the area near Murray's Doonmore Hotel. The hotel is a prime starting point from which to visit the seal colony to the north side of the island, past Loch Bofin, the largest lake on the island, and continuing along that direction one comes across The Stags, a remarkable formation of rocks where the seals are often found "hanging out"!!. Staying on the path takes you through the bogs of Westquarter, and onwards to the Dún Mór cliffs, the largest on the island and the inspiration for the name of Murray's Hotel. Quite a majestic view is provided from the cliff-tops, looking out toward neighboring uninhabited island Inishark, and out across the Atlantic. The cliff is also said to have been a promontory fort from the days of Grace O'Malley, the famous pirate queen. Past the cliffs and one happens upon Trá Gheall beach (pronounced Try-all), possibly the most beautiful and secluded on the island. The path then follows back down toward the hotel, passing by Westquarter Mountain as you go, before finally winding up back at Murray's. And so ends the tour of the west side of the island.