Chattanooga is full of unexpected suprises. There are many tourist attractions that you would probaly miss, and tons of little-known outdoor activies in and around Chattanooga.  

Chattanooga for the family

One of the most common questions asked by tourists in Chattanooga is "what is there to do with the family or something special to entertain the kids?" Below are the best things in Chattanooga for children and families to do that are just off the beaten path.

Chattanooga Zoo

Yeah, Chattanooga has a zoo. Most Chattanooga residents haven’t heard about it, which is a real shame. It’s a great bargain at only $6 adult; $3 child. The zoo has five sections:

  • Africa - Meet a hyena, serval, and a group of Chimpanzees including Hank, who’s been with the zoo for about thirty years.
  • Asia - This new additon (2004) has received national attention with it’s two Red Pandas, Zoe and Nigalya. There is also a more recently added Snow Leopard habitat.
  • Latin America - Meet the super-cute spider monkeys and kinkajous, the colorful macaws, and the elusive jaguar.
  • North America - Home to prairie dogs and the newest exhibit in the zoo, Cougar Express, with two mountain lions.
  • Warner Park Ranch - Children get a chance to pet deer, goats, and ponys in this ranch-themed petting zoo.

There is a refreshment center towards the front of the zoo, and a gift shp for souvenirs.

Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park

Located on the border of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Rossville, Georgia, Lake Winnepesaukah, also known by locals as Lake Winnie, is a nice half day or whole day getaway for the entire family. The park is a classic style park with three roller coasters, lots of classic rides and one of the first and one of the few remaining shoot the shoots rides in the world.  It splashes down into the lake! They also feature a 1916 carousel, the only remaining fly-o-plane ride in the world and as of 2006 a 140 ft towering freefall tower called oh-zone. Over 30 rides are enough to make you "get happy" over Lake Winnie.

There's no reason to look over this park when coming into Chattanooga.  There's something for everyone here. The price is reasonable and the parking is free. You may want to avoid Sundays unless you like free country concerts as the crowds get a little heavy.  The other days of the week have slim crowds and few lines. They used to be open Thurs - Sunday only, but now their hours are more flexible with some Mondays and Wednesdays during the summer. The pay per ticket per ride option can get expensive, unless you will only ride one or two things. If you're going to spend significant time in the park and on the rides, get the all day unlimited rides bracelet.

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Sir Gooney's Family Fun Center

With Go carts, bumper boats, Lazer tag, Paintball, Mini Golf, Batting cages and kiddie rides this place a a great way for the kids to burn off a couple of hours. BE WARNED the prices seem low but if you plan on doing a lot there it can add up fast.They even have a cyber coaster and big arcade!

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