A common misconception about Chattanooga is that it is warm all year round.  While it is certainly warmer than many of its northern counterparts, Chattanooga does have a winter that can feature rainy 35 degree days, and even an occasional ice storm.  In fact, nineteen days in January were below 32 degrees last year, and the average temperature for the month of January was 37.4 degrees.

The best time to visit is probably during the spring and fall.  During these months of the year, the weather is very pleasant, usually in mid-seventies to mid-eighties (last year, there were five days in September where the temperature was over ninety degrees).  The summer months are hot and muggy, but for those who are hopping from air-conditioned hotel to air-conditioned rental car to air-conditioned museum, the heat might not be a factor.

Chattanooga receives about four inches of rain each month all year (plus or minus one inch). During the summer, an afternoon shower can be a pleasant event, as the few hours immediately after the shower are considerably less humid.