Spearfish Canyon is a beautiful attraction to the Northern Hills area of South Dakota. Not only is this 19 mile stretch of road a tourist paradise, but it is also an adventure for hikers, a thrill seeking experience for climbers, a leasurely stroll for bikers, and many fish for those avid fly fisherman (women).  If you are driving there are many picnic areas to where you are able to stop and enjoy an afternoon lunch.  There are also many hiking trails including community cave,  devil's bathtub, and 11th hour; all of which are some of the more popular trails.  And just as a few tips from one who has traveled the road many times: drive as slow as you can to take in all the marvel of the area, visit the canyon every season to view the many changes that is encounters, and never, never enter the canyon without a camera!!! You will most likely regret it! ENJOY the beauty of South Dakota!