The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota is becoming a hub for air travel in the Dakotas, and the Sioux Falls Regional Airport offers flights to several US destinations including Minneapolis, Chicago, Phoenix and Denver, allowing for easy connection with most major US carriers including United, Delta, Northwest and American Airlines. The small single terminal airport isn’t exactly packed with amenities, but its small size means you can exit the facility quickly on most days. Because the airport is limited in size the number of flights is also limited, so keep that in mind when you’re traveling so you can be prepared for any delays.

The airport features rental car services, shuttle buses and taxicabs, which are available in the baggage claim area. Taxicabs are typically available, but expect to find fewer cars if you’re arriving later in the evening, and expect on off hours to have to call ahead for a car.

You can also drive to Sioux Falls, and the city is located at the crossroads of Interstate 28 and Interstate 90, with the Interstate 229 extension bypassing the business district completely. The highways in South Dakota are well-maintained, but it can be slow going after a major snow storm during the peak of winter, especially in the rural areas outside of the major cities.