The state of South Dakota is known for its full calendar of weather with four truly distinct seasons. When visiting Sioux Falls you can expect warm to hot summers, pleasant spring and fall weather, and cold winters with lots of snow.

The spring and fall can be pleasant with mild temperatures during the daytime, and evenings that are a bit cooler. These can make for ideal vacations to see the area’s historic attractions, while summer and winter each have been of outdoor activities for visitors.

Summers are warm and dry in Sioux Falls, and July is on average the warmest month. Typically temperatures climb into the mid to upper 80s during the day, and cool down after the sun goes down in the low to mid 60s at night. The summers can be dry with little to no rainfall, and the occasional heat wave can spike temperatures well into the 90s. Summers are the time of swimming in the various rivers; mountain biking in the woods or hiking on the area’s numerous trails.

During the winter it is uncommon for the region to get heavy snowfall, with periods below freezing, and January is almost always the coldest month of the year. But this time of year isn’t a total dead season, and this is when the activities in the great outdoors turn to ice-skating, skiing and snowmobiling.