Although most travelers head to Deadwood during the summer months (see TripAdvisor's  Weather and When to Go page for more information), the major sporting season in the area is actually during the winter.  This is because Deadwood is an excellent location for fans of skiing.  There are two major ski areas in the area; Terry Peak and Deer Mountain, both of which have trails for snowmobiles and options for both skiers and snowboarders.

Travelers who are less interested in skiing and more interested in exploring sports options in the area during their summer vacation there will find that the surrounding Black Hills offer much in the way of hiking which is the best bet for summer activity.  Extensive information about all of the hiking and biking trails in the area can be found at the Deadwood website Recreation Page. This website also provides information about fishing and other lake activities in the Black Hills.

You can tour the area in various ways: Original Deadwood Tours (by bus) or Mad Mountain Adventures (snowmobile and ATV tours).