There is no better way to get excited about a trip to Deadwood than to do some reading up about the area before heading there.  Some great reading options for the trip include:

  • “Deadwood: Stories of the Black Hills” by David Milch (director of the HBO TV show about the area) is a book which will be released in October 2006 and should be picked up by travelers to the area as well as fans of the show. .
  • “Deadwood: The Golden Years” by Watson Parker is a historical look at the area which is frequently read by travelers. .
  • “Insider’s Guide to South Dakota’s Black Hills and Badlands” by Thomas D. Griffith, Dustin D. Floyd, Bert Gildart and Jane Gildart is a travel guide excellent for use by Deadwood visitors who wish to spend some time in the surrounding area. .
  • “Old Deadwood Days” by Estelline Bennett has an interesting perspective on the area as it is told through the eyes of a young girl rather than the hardened outside look at the Old West that is features in many histories. .
  • “The Real Deadwood: True Life Histories of Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Outlaw Towns and Other Characters of the Lawless West” by John Edward Ames is an informative look at the people who populated the history of the town when it thrived as an Old West locale.  More information about the book is available at .  More information about the history of the area is online at .