North Myrtle Beach is not a city.  You can't hail a taxi here unless you're on Main Street or Barefoot Landing and there so happens to be a taxi around. In the rare event that you are able to hail a taxi down, don't be surprised if the taxi driver tells you they are already picking someone else up.  It is NOT recommend to share a taxi or to stand around trying to hail down a taxi, it just won't happen.  Taxis can get pricey especially if you're not a local.  Best to rent a car and explore yourself.  There is no public transportation here as North Myrtle Beach is really a small town known best for Shaggers, the Beach and Beach Music.  If you are really focussed on getting into a taxi, then there are plenty taxi services around, Affordable Cabs being the least expensive and Roadrunner Cabs and Tripps Taxi being the most expensive.