North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding Grand Strand areas are really a strip of towns along the coast. This creates a simply street layout and relatively easy navigation. There are several residential streets, but major roads bind them. Route 65, Ocean Boulevard, Main Street, and King's Highway are the major arteries. Any highways that intersect are clearly marked.

King's highway is the most convenient route to adjoining beach towns like Crescent Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Myrtle Beach. King's Highway has a higher speed limit and more fluid traffic flow than the 65 and Ocean Boulevard. Ocean Boulevard is host to many shops, restaurants, and small-scale entertainment. It is well suited for a late-night or early morning stroll in the ocean breeze.

A rental car is necessary if travelers plan on venturing outside North Myrtle Beach. For days spent just relaxing on the coastline, visitors may not need a car at all. Relax solely at the hotel and walk to Ocean Boulevard for dining options.

However, plans to visit the other parts of the Grand Strand shopping and its spectacular show theaters generally require a car. A car is especially recommended for families so that they can visit the entertainment complexes, activities, and theme shows.