Although North Myrtle beach is somewhat secluded, its location within the 60 mile Grand Strand shoreline makes it a top tourist destination in the US. Myrtle Beach International is the closest airport to North Myrtle Beach. 8 major arilines serve this airport. North Myrtle Beach is approximately 20 miles or a 30 minute drive from the airport. The shore is visible from the moment travelers hop into the rental car and begin their drive.

Certain hotels and resorts provide shuttle service to and from the airport. Travelers who do not plan on renting a car should call their hotel in advance and verify the availability of such a service. Visitors can also arrange taxi pickup from the airport.

Alternatively, South Carolina's position on the Atlantic coast places it in comfortable reach of the Northeast. Southeast, and Midwest states. North Myrtle is 12 hours from New York City and Cincinnati, 13 hours from Memphis, and 16 hours from Chicago. Pack a cross-country vehicle with favorite tunes, food, and prepare for one overnight stop. The routes through the Applachian Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay are quite scenic.