The climate of the South Carolina coast is subtropical. Summers are sunny and hot, while the rest of the year often features mild temperatures (with occasional cool conditions in winter). Almost any time of the year is a good time in which a visitor can arrive at in the Myrtle Beach area. Travelers can often select the weather condition and water temperature that appeals to him or her the most. The period from May through October is normally the "beach season" in Myrtle Beach, while late fall and winter normally see many golfers.  

The long, wide beaches are often a big attraction along the South Carolina coast. The normal "beach season" in the Myrtle Beach area runs from early May through late October, although sun bathers can be found on the beaches in other months. The beaches generally remain cooler and windier than areas off the beaches in winter, while in summer there beaches might provide a modest cooling breeze compared to the very hot conditions inland. The temperature of the ocean surf in Myrtle Beach is quite warm in summer and early fall, often reaching over 80 F (26 C). Travelers should be careful for rip currents and heed life guard flags. The most pleasant weather conditions unfold in October, November, March, and April. Cool ocean breezes and refreshiong water are frequent during these months.

Fishing and recreational sports are other factors travelers should take into account during their vacation plans. Choose the month most suitable for the proper ocean currents if involved in fishing sports.