The number one piece of advice is sunblock, sunblock, and more sunblock.  Don't even think of setting foot outside during the summer without being covered in the stuff.  Even a few minutes can leave most crispy.  Reapply frequently to get a healthy glowing tan rather than look red as a lobster for a week. Hats are a must too. 

A very cloudy or overcast day is dangerous too. The sun's rays will easily penetrate the clouds and give most a sunburn.  Always apply sunblock when out at Myrtle Beach.

Beach umbrellas can be rented on the beach from the lifeguard service but if you plan to stay several days it may be more economical to buy your own. For the cost of renting one day one may buy what one needs for the entire week.  Small to medium sized umbrellas one can be purchased from one  of the many local beach shops or mega marts for around $10 and beach chairs for around $5. If you don't have the space to pack the chairs and umbrellas, for the trip home, just donate them to a family checking in while you are checking out.  You will still have saved money and done a good deed too.  A quick tip to keep your umbrella from blowing away - tie one or two plastic shopping bags 1/4 filled with sand to the prongs at the top of the umbrella.

Most restaurants are kid friendly and some even provide entertainment for the kids while waiting for a table. (Crabby Mikes is one).  If you don't enjoy long waits to be seated, go for an early supper.  After 6 pm the lines tend to get quite long.

For rainy days or when you're just plain tired of the beach, there are things to do as a family nearby suchas geocaching; kayaking or paddle- boarding on the Waccamaw River.  Traditional "Meat and Three" (meat and 3 sides) restaurants and barbecue joints are numerous in this part of the South and most of the small towns close to Myrtle Beach have them. 

For the science-minded kids, there's a discovery center south of Myrtle Beach and a living history museum, each about 30 minutes away. For those who love history, one can find reenactments and military history museums.