SolitudeRent a bike for a week

Hilton Head offers some of the best beach biking options that we know off. A quick 5 miles bike run in the morning will get you started for the day, and is a great family time. 

How much it costs? 

There are many rental shops on the island, and most have websites with a contact/ order form. All will deliver to your hotel or rental house - expect the bikes to be there the day you arrive.

A bike with a shopping basket will run from $22 to $30 per week. A couple of bike shops and rentals:

The Bike Doctors.

When to do it?

Look for the low tide online - is the best time to bike. The sand is nicely packed, and is easy to ride. Stay hydrated, stay safe. If very windy, keep in mind that you will need to face the wind at some point on your trip, and account for that. 

 Where to go? 

Go for a ride towards the Salty Dog Cafe (South Beach Marina Village in Sea Pines), have an early lunch there, and take the Sea Pines inland bile trail back. Or for a late afternon, go to the Harbour Town Lighthouse.  

Morning RidePaths in the sand