Every year, top-notch golfers make their way to Hilton Head for the Verizon Heritage tournament. Though there are several excellent golf courses, whether public, private or of the miniature variety, the island is good for a lot more than just one sport. There are twelve miles of public beaches, complete with lifeguarded swimming areas, volleyball courts and sports equipment rentals. To explore the shoreline, try a guided tour in the form of a beach walk, crabbing excursion or dolphin watch. Alternatively, rent a personal watercraft or kayak and add water skis or fishing supplies, as desired.

Hilton Head maintains several public parks with nature trails ideal for hiking or biking. Bird-watching is also a rewarding possibility, as there are close to 250 bird species on the island, with some of the most notable being the snowy egret, white ibis and large blue heron.

There are also facilities for lawn and indoor sports. The Island Recreation Center can help with equipment rental and finding a field for sports like croquet or lawn bowling. The center also has its own indoor courts for sports like volleyball and basketball. For racquetball courts or conventional exercise equipment, try getting a short-term membership at one of the fitness centers on the island. Travelers with athletic or restless kids may also appreciate the day camps available for children of varying skill and age levels that offer a wide variety of sports, everything from lacrosse to water-skiing.