Public transportation is virtually nonexistent on Hilton Head Island, since it is a small town that caters mainly to seasonal tourists. Most visitors find that it is easiest to drive, though bicycling also seems to be popular during the summer months. If it is at all possible, rent a car (see Taxis/Rental Cars) or choose another means of Getting Around.

That being said, the Lowcountry Regional Transportation Authority does offer limited bus services from the island to the nearby counties of Beaufort, Jasper, Allendale, Hampton and Colleton. However, each bus line only runs one bus per day, which can be frustrating if your schedule does not match that of the bus. The Transportation Authority does also have a van that will do pick-ups and drop-offs as requested if reserved in advanced. However, these services are intended more for going from the island to the mainland than for traveling within Hilton Head.

Ground transportation is also available from the Savannah airport, the airport of choice for most Hilton Head visitors. Low Country Adventures is the main company that does so. It offers not only a door-to-door airport shuttle, but also scenic bus tours of the island itself. Several taxi companies are also allowed to carry passengers from Savannah to Hilton Head.