About a 20-30 minute drive outside of Greenville, you will come to the small town of Cowpens.    This is the site of a very important battle during the Revolutionary War, one that helped seal the American victory and independence from the British. 
     The battle happened very late in the war, in 1781, when much of the fighting had shifted into the South and become especially bloody and difficult.  At Cowpens, American officers including Daniel Morgan and Richard Montgomery scored a resouding victory in about an hour's time, inflicting heavy casualties on British Officer Barnastre Tarleton's men and other forces, and setting the stage for the British to begin a long march back towards the ocean, where they would end up surrounded and surrendering at Yorktown later that year.  Some movie buffs may know that the bad guy in the Mel Gibson movie "The Patriot" was based on Barnastre Tarleton.
     At Cowpens National Battlefield, you will find more than just a historic site. http://www.nps.gov/cowp/  You will will also find a beautifully preserved open park that is popular for bike riding, walking on the various trails, and taking your dogs. Sunsets are beautiful in this park, and history fans will love how the park has many informative signs describing what happened on various important spots of the battlefield.  It is so well done and described you can almost picture what it must have been like.  There is also a nice visitor center with a store selling very interesting books and other things about the Revolutionary War era. A Fourth of July celebration and other events are held throughout the year.
     If you are driving north out of the Greenville area, you will also come across the National Park Service's historic sites devoted to the Kings Mountain and Guilford Courthouse battles, which happened around the time of Cowpens and further helped bring the Revolutionary War to a successful close. King's Mountain, http://www.nps.gov/kimo/ is only about an hour down the highway from Cowpens and Greenville.
     Finally, the area around Cowpens and Greenville is big-time peach country. You will drive past many beautiful trees and groves, and there will be a number of shops to check out selling locally made specialties such as peach wine, sweets, sauces, and other things. Wherever you stop, you may be also be struck at how genuinely friendly the people in this area can be.