Maybe you're planning a vacation to Greenville, South Carolina. Maybe, after your vacation, you'll decide you want to move there, right next to the Amtrak station on Washington Street, so you can come and go in lickety-split fashion anytime you want. If either of these is the case, check out the Greenville Chamber of Commerce website. You'll find information on events, accomodations, and eateries, and also area jobs and housing opportunities.

The Greenvillle Convention and Visitor's Bureau hosts the official tourism site for the greater Greenville region (not to be confused with the Greenville Convention and Visitor's Bureau in North Carolina) and they really want you to come by Greenville. They've compiled tons (lots, anyway) of information on recreation, entertainment, dining, and shopping. Click on the Visitors link and  see the online interactive visitors guide, or order a free copy.  Weekend getaways and Special offers are also posted. 

The City of Greenvilles website is, where you'll find information on city government, development, and events and leisure activities. Links for newcomers and employment opportunities are also available. Do not be confused by Greenville Online is the city's local newspaper, with current information on events, activities, and sports events including game schedules for the Greenville Drive, Greenville's own baseball team. Discover South Carolina, and in particular, Greenville, by visiting the official state website, which includes maps, park reservations, and a free travel guide.