If you haven't been to this little, hidden jewel in Greenville, you really are missing out on a small treat that might make your day.  

Running continuously since 1947 is the Pickwick Pharmacy, a working pharmacy with a full soda jerk counter and prepackaged sandwiches of the 1960's.  It would be a challenge for anyone to find maple syrup ginger ale anywhere else in in a 100 mile radius pulled by a real soda jerk.  In addition to these nostalgic favorites, they have higher end food items that are locally sourced, hand-spun milkshakes, and hipster smoothies.   One size of drip coffee, coffee flavored, no exceptions.  Brilliant.  Packed from open to close with families and children doing their homework and slurping up ice cream, there is always a unique spot to perch while picking up  preppy necessities.

This tiny little shop carries Scout, SloaneRanger, and numerous other preppy must haves with little to no advertisement.  They specialize in local artists, unique gifts, and locally sourced treats that will make your visit (or residence) in Greenville much brighter.  

They keep old fashioned hours, 9-6, closed Sunday.  The pharmacy is quick and the staff really do want to make your day better.  Step back in the past for a minute to enjoy your errands and make this a regular stop on your daily route!  You will not regret it getting off main street to visit this perfect piece of southern history and you will not leave without a smile.