The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 18.7 mile biking/walking trail that runs from downtown Greenville, SC and extends north of Travelers Rest, SC.  The entire trail is paved asphalt and a portion of the trail has a rubberized surface for runners/walkers.  There is no cost to use the trail.  There are many places for renting bikes along the trail.  In Travelers Rest, SC there is Sunrift Adventures outfitters and in Greenville there are several options as rentals called Reedy Rides (located just off Main Street for in-store bike pickup or delivery) and Bike The Rabbit which also specializes in delivering bikes to hotels, parks or anywhere on The Swamp Rabbit Trail, TTR (Tandem, Touring and Recumbent) Bike Shop conveniently located one block off Hudson St., and also now from the B&B Swamp Rabbit Inn.  Though not located near the trail, Sunshine Bikes and The Great Escape in Greenville also have bicycles available for rent.

The trail crosses several busy roads and so it is not advisable for children to ride alone without adult supervision.  The Greenville Police Dept. as well as the Travelers Rest Police Dept. both have officers which patrol the trail.