Located halfway between New York City and Miami the city of Georgetown, South Carolina has a humid, subtropical climate. The average temperature on the coast is about 68 degrees, and the area does experience mostly mild winters, but otherwise seasonable weather.

Summers are hot, but the cool breezes from the Atlantic can make Georgetown feel fairly comfortable at times. The humidity can be high, so when it gets really warm it can feel very sticky. It isn’t uncommon for days (sometimes even weeks) to have stretches in the 90s or more, and passing 100 degrees isn’t considered that rare.

The spring and fall are pleasant, and as a result Georgetown has a long season of mild weather. The rainy season does correspond to the hurricane season from June until November, and the area has been hit by major storms many times.

With the end of hurricane season comes winter, but generally it is on the mild side. While there are periods of temperatures well below freezing, especially after nightfall, most of the weather is pleasant enough, feeling more like late fall or early spring even in January. The average temperature at the peak of winter is in the mid 40s, so a warm jacket is likely all you’ll need.