Charleston is a walking town if ever there was one! Bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to park the car and leave it until you are ready to leave. Consider just taking a cab from the airport - there’s really no need for a car if you plan to stay in Charleston for your trip. There are several plantations out side the city worth visiting, but organizaed tours can be arranged.

Downtown Charleston has quaint shops, lots of old homes to tour, museums, aquarium and walking tours of both the Civil War and the Revolutionary war.

Charleston is quite compact and easy to navigate. There is a public transportation system offering buses if you are headed to outlying areas. Might be worth taking one if you plan to visit The Citadel , for example, which is in Charleston but on the outskirts. In addition, Charleston offers free shuttle buses that cover 3 different routes and run quite frequently.  Hop on the King St./Market Street shuttle, take it all the way around, and then go back to the most interesting neighborhood and walk around. 

One of the newest transportation additions to Charleston is the water taxi service which goes between the Aquarium area and Patriot’s Point (home of USS Yorktown). The one-way fare is $6 and the All day Pass is $10. This is a great service for visitors who wish to go to Mt. Pleasant but do not have a car.

Right now (February, 2014), the taxi situation in downtown Charleston is dysfunctional. Supposedly taxis are not allowed to use their meters in owntown Charleston, and the minimum charge for a dtaxi ride is $4 or $5. Some drivers use their meters anyway, which is the only way you can be assured of honesty.  The ones who don’t use their meters are therefore free to, and do, make up any old amount they want to charge you, all the while pretending they're giving you a special rate, and there is nothing in the cabs, not even a badge # or phone number for a licensing agency, that enables even a moderately motivated Charleston visitor to complain to the appropriate authorities.Before getting into a cab, ask the doorman at the hotel how much the cab ride to your destination should cost, and confirm the price with your driver as soon as you get into the car.  Another annoyance is that they claim they don't take credit cards, so you have to pay cash.  Not the best for business travelers who need to track expenses.  

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For those staying in the area for a longer period of time, it would be a shame to miss the outlying islands. The beaches and marshes are beautiful, but you need a rental car to get to them.