Safety in the Holy City

Charleston is not New York nor is it Mayberry.  The Downtown area of Charleston is a thriving center of tourism and commerce and thus very safe to walk around.  There are how ever some tips that all visitors should take into consideration while visiting this wonderful city.  There are some of the most historically significant neighborhoods in America on this peninsula, but it is a major city and so here are some suggestions.

  1. Meeting St., King St., Market St. and E.Bay St. will be the highest populated streets at night.
  2. Women should not walk alone at night, after about 10pm. (true in any city)
  3. Visitors should not walk very far past  the Visitors Center at night.  The neighborhood changes and not for the better.
  4. It is best if visitors do not walk past Cannon St. / Spring St., again, the neighborhood changes quite a bit.
  5. Do not walk down dark alley ways at night.
  6. If a section you are in looks dangerous, then it probably is.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.
  8. Churches close graveyards at night for many reasons, so if the gate is locked or no one seems present DO NOT enter.
  9. Feel free to ask the people of the Visitor Center to x-out bad sections on a map.
  10. Use basic common sense, don't walk in areas that look deserted or unsafe.  Don't be alone late at night.  Don't flash around cash.