Getting Around Beaufort

Getting Around

Walking is the best way to view and experience historic Beaufort.  Nearly all of Beaufort's points of interest are located within the downtown National Historic District, in addition to a number of restaurants and lodging facilities.  While sidewalks exist in much of the built-up, commercial area along Bay Street and the Waterfront Park, several streets in The Old Point neighborhood do not have sidewalks, though vehicular traffic is generally light and slow.

Bicycling in Beaufort is generally comfortable and safe in the downtown area, though they are not allowed in the Waterfront Park.  Bike rentals are available at Lowcountry Bicycles on Lady's Island, less than a five minute's ride from downtown Beaufort.

Parking in Beaufort is available in parking lots and on streets.  Metered, on-street parking is available in the core downtown area.  Rates are $1.00 per hour with the pay period being Monday-Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm.  Metered parking lots are located in the Waterfront Park / Marina area, the Library, and along Port Republic and Craven Streets.  Meters in parking lots take coins, bills, and credit cards; meters on streets are coin only.

Taxis are typically available along Bay Street, especially during evening hours.  Below are a list of providers and phone numbers (area code 843):

     "A" Taxi Cab Company
     Flying Yellow Dog     524-2872
     ADR Taxi
     Yellow Cab     686-6666

Uber has not yet made it into the Beaufort area, though it is expected to be available in late 2015. 

Public Transit options are currently very limited at the time and are typically geared for local workers, though the Spirit of Old Beaufort offers limited shuttle services to surrounding communities.

Boating is limited primarily to charters and rentals in addition to personal vessel anchorage and dockage opportunities.  As of 2010, there are no water taxi or ferry services in Beaufort.


Tour operators are licensed through the City of Beaufort, which ensures that prices and competition are fair and that the quality and accuracy of tours are satisfactory.

Self-Guided walking tours are possible.  The Historic Beaufort Foundation has put together a self-guided walking tour to help those interested in historic architecture to view the many of Beaufort's grandest and most historically important homes and sites.  The Spirit of Old Beaufort also has recorded audio tours that one can purchase and listen to as you walk on a select route.

Guided walking tours are available through these providers (area code 843):

     Jon Sharp's Walking Tours 575-5775
     The Spirit of Old Beaufort  525-0459
     Beaufort Walking Tours

tours (horse and buggy) offer an authentic and unique way of learning about the historic district. These tours provide you with a comfortable ride throughout the town, with the driver providing historical commentary all along the way.  There are two companies that offer carriage tours in the historic district.  Both companies take the same route, and both are about 50 minutes in length.  You can book tours at the downtown Visitors Center or by contacting the providers directly (area code 843):

     Sea Island Carriage Company
     Southurn Rose Buggy Tours

Bicycle tours of downtown Beaufort and surrounding areas.  Call Sea Island Bike Tours at 843-441-2765 for more information.

Shuttle/Van/Bus tours are available from The Spirit of Old Beaufort and cover the downtown area as well as St. Helena Island.  Tours are conductedby van and has a shuttle service. Call 843-525-0459 for more information.