The weather in Beaufort is mild throughout the year.  Temperatures along the beach are slightly warmer in the winter and slightly cooler in the summer when compared to Beaufort or inland areas.  Humidity can be persistent, particularly in the summer.  Please see the weather box to the right for further information.

If you plan to travel during the summer or fall, be aware that hurricane season runs from June to November.  You may want to monitor hurricane conditions with the National Weather Service.


When to Go

Beaufort is an enjoyable destination year-round, though spring and fall are perhaps the ideal times to visit Beaufort.  Unless you are at the beach, summer can be unpleasant for some visitors due to hot and humid temperatures.  Strong afternoon thunderstorms can develop rapidly, and there's generally a 30% chance of rain on most days from May to September. Winter weather can be unpredictable, and extreme temperature fluctuations between days do occur. 

Many of Beaufort's best events occur in April and October, and weather is usually very comfortable during these months.  Consult the Events & Festivals page for more information about when certain events are occurring.