Chanticleer is a world-class, sophisticated and beautiful garden.  If you are a garden lover or simply enjoy nature, don't miss this experience. The garden is comprised of a number of areas including a ruin garden, woodland garden, water-side garden and vegetable/cutting garden. A variety of interesting plant combinations in large containers also add to the richness of some areas of the garden. Each area is planted with unusual, colorful plants interspersed with either picturesque or innovative hard structures (see pictures below). The garden is large enough and filled with enough richness that one could spend most of the day there but also small enough that one could enjoy it immensely in a 2-hour visit. To rush through the garden is to miss the miriad of surprises and unexpected vistas that this garden holds. Gardeners will likely leave the garden with a variety of ideas for their own garden, or may simply leave feeling excited and refreshed. One update: Chanticleer is now charging admission - $10 for adults. Still worth a visit, however!

  Water-side garden vista

Reflecting pool in the Ruin Garden