Lancaster County is filled with fun and chuck full of charm, true, but what most visitors to our area don’t realize is that there are hidden “gems” just waiting to be discovered. Yes, there are still towns that have somehow managed to retain their rich “small town” ambiance.
Lititz, just a few miles north of the very center of Lancaster , is the perfect example; it is often referred to as, “the hometown that everyone wishes was theirs.” And for good reason. You’ll understand that very first time you drive down our tree-lined, impeccably clean Main Street .
Say “ Lancaster County ” to just about anyone and what do you suppose pops into their heads? You can probably answer this one yourself--the Amish, the Mennonite, horse and buggies, great (meaning really naughty) food, quilts, antiques, crafts—I know, don’t worry, that’s normal. And yes, Lititz has ALL of that – and more !
Lititz was actually founded by the Moravians, who originally came from Moravia , what we know now as Czechoslovakia . I won’t go through their whole history, but suffice it to say that through missionary work, they eventually ended up in the Warwick area and gave Lititz its name in 1756. The shops and homes along Main Street are the original buildings from the 18 th century. Original. That alone should entice you to visit. But in case it doesn’t, here are a few other ideas for you.
Chocolate. That’s right--chocolate. Lititz is home to Wilbur Chocolate Company. As you meander around our town, breathe deeply through your nose and salivate to the aroma of warm chocolate that floats through the air every day. Let it lead you right to Wilbur, where you can tour yourself through (free admission), taking in their chocolate museum, watch candy being handmade, and of course, you can buy a few gifts of freshly-made chocolate.
Our park— Lititz Springs Park , in the center of town, is the perfect day trip for a family. Bring a blanket, a picnic basket, oh, uh, and the kids, too. There are two big playgrounds, three covered pavilions, a sand volleyball court, lots of space in which to run or throw a Frisbee, a restored caboose, a visitors center, and a canal filled with really cold, crystal clear, limestone water from three underground rivers that converge underneath the park and bubble up. Oh, and ducks. Plenty of fat little ducks just waiting to be fed. There you have it. The price is right, wouldn’t you say? A free day in the park!
Or, come to Lititz and walk around town, in and out of all the fascinating little shops; not just on the main roads, but on the little side streets and alleys, too! Stop at our visitors center in the park first and get a self-guided walking tour brochure to really make it fun. There are plenty of eating establishments, from tiny pizza places to delis to sit down, formal places; whatever suits you, it’s here. So, walk around, shop, tour the art gallery, stop in the historic General Sutter Inn, visit Sturgis Pretzel House and learn how to twist a pretzel (even receive an official certificate!) and then wind up at the Moravian Church Square where even the worst photographer will be able to take a picture that will be wall-worthy. Oh, then there’s Speedwell Forge Lake , the wolf sanctuary, the gorgeous land surrounding Lititz…There’s enough here for a lovely day trip and an even lovelier weekend trip. Check out for photos and a more thorough explanation of the hometown you’ll wish was yours !