If you’re staying in Lancaster and don’t have a car or other means of transportation, you can ride on the Red Rose Transit Authority. Founded in 1977, it serves the community for a low expense and is a safe alternative. RRTA not only serves the city of Lancaster, but the surrounding areas of Lancaster County as well. This is extremely convenient because if you are staying in the city limits and want to get out for a few hours you can easily ride the bus and have no worries of getting lost. RRTA also has bus routes that go to towns outside the city, so it’s possible to head out to the countryside as well. If you have special needs or any other disabilities, the RRTA offers special pick-ups or other arrangements can be made to make your visit easy and safe. There are also eight locations throughout Lancaster County where you can park your car for free and ride on the bus or train. For routes and schedules, visit http://www.redrosetransit.com/.