While many people think that Lancaster is an ideally quaint village with only Amish traditions, it is actually quite a diverse landscape. The county is dotted with a variety of historic towns and villages with Lancaster City, in the hub of it all. These towns include:

Adamstown - the “antiques capital” of the USA

Columbia and Marietta - “river towns” nestled alongside the Susquehanna River

Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand – in the heart of large Amish communities

Manheim - home to the world’s largest auto auction

Strasburg - home of all things trains

Mount Joy - once the only town that linked Lancaster and Harrisburg

Ephrata - home to the Ephrata Cloister

Elizabethtown - one of only two towns in Lancaster County with a designated Main Street

Christiana - most known for its involvement in the Civil War and with the Underground Rail Road

Intercourse - tourist spot known for spotting alot of Amish people going about their daily busniess