Dutch Wonderland is a 48-acre amusement park just east of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, appealing primarily to families with small children. The park's theme is a "Kingdom for Kids." The entrance to the park has a real stone castle façade, which was built by Earl Clark, a potato farmer, before he opened the park in 1963.

The Clark family sold Dutch Wonderland in 2001 to Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, which also operates Hersheypark in nearby Hershey, Pennsylvania. They also operate Wonderland Mini-Golf, and Old Mill Stream Campground at the same location. The current General Manager of Dutch Wonderland is Rick Stammel.

Today, the park has 34 rides, plus a tropical-themed interactive water play area called Duke's Lagoon. The park also has an extended season, open for "Happy Hauntings" and "Dutch Winter Wonderland" events for Halloween and Christmas.

The park is part of a larger area in Lancaster zoned for entertainment, dining, lodging, and conferences.


 Again, Dutch Wonderland is geared toward YOUNG children; under 7-8 years old.  

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are dinosaurs that move and make sound and 3 sand pits where little one can pretend they are digging for fossils,,