WHEATLAND Step inside the stately home of President James Buchanan and explore the rooms, stairwells and stories where the secrets and details of his political and personal life intersect. Docents in period clothing bring presidential history alive as you walk through Wheatland, beloved home of the nation’s 15th president. It's an up-close and intimate view of presidential history and an insightful window on events that shaped the region and the country. James Buchanan was a lawyer, statesman and lifelong bachelor. He was a diplomat and guardian to an orphaned niece and nephew. Wheatland is the Lancaster, Pennsylvania residence where Buchanan lived and launched a successful campaign for his election in 1856. At Wheatland, he entertained dignitaries and would later wrestle with the weight of his choices for a nation on the brink of civil war. And it was to Wheatland that he ultimately retreated to reflect and write his memoirs after failing to bridge the divide between North and South. You'll Learn About: • His successful life as an eligible, young Lancaster lawyer • His engagement to Ann Coleman, her sudden, tragic death and his vow to never marry • His love of “the comforts and tranquility of home” at Wheatland following a troubled presidency • His guardianship of orphaned niece, Harriet Lane, and nephew, James Buchanan “Buck” Henry • His attempt through law and diplomacy to unify a nation divided over slavery and states’ rights You'll See: • The library where Buchanan wrote his inaugural address and presidential memoirs • The home, carriage house, ice house and grounds at Wheatland, including Buchanan’s bedroom, office, dining room, kitchen and more, with presidential and period artifacts and documents • The lush gardens and pond that brought Buchanan clarity in times of turmoil Find your place in history at LancasterHistory.org. This is the home of Lancaster County’s Historical Society and President James Buchanan’s Wheatland, on a park-like, 10-acre setting of the LancasterHistory.org campus, just a mile from Lancaster City. You can walk the grounds and learn more about educational programs, consult with onsite archivists, curators and experts, explore genealogy and special events, or enjoy the gardens and more than 100 mature specimens in the Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum. Whether you visit in person or online, LancasterHistory.org is a hub for understanding, interpreting and sharing the rich history of Lancaster County and its unique place in Pennsylvania and United States history. Visit www.LancasterHistory.org or call 717.392.4633 for tour hours, special events and more information.